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Use custom domain in Blogger

Blogger is a complete open-source blogging platform. That means everything is free on it. Unlike WordPress, there is no VIP service, moreover all VIP services available on WordPress free of cost on Blogger. That’s why many professional bloggers still prefer Blogger to WordPress. So lets com to the topic. Mapping or setting or using a […]

Computer abbreviations of “B”

Abbreviation means short form of a word. For ex OS means Operating system. There are many abbreviations available and their list is very long. So today let us know about the abbreviations of letter “B”. There are many Computing Abbreviations, I have shortlisted some starting with the letter “B”. Though there are many, I only know this much. […]

50 computer Abbreviations of “A”

There are many Computing Abbreviations, I have shortlisted some starting with the letter “A”. Though there are around 50, read here. Short Form Full Form AAC Advanced Audio Coding ABCL Actor-based Concurrent Language ABI Applied Binary Interface ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode ACD Automatic Call Distributor Read the full article here. There are more than 40 […]

Roll back the changes caused by Malware

Many times, you must have noticed that your computer is behaving abnormally. For example, it shows some custom message on the browser, when a drive is inserted to the PC, some file is copied without your permission, etc. There are many types of symptoms, which cannot be written, in a single post. The abnormal changes […]

How to use other sim in BSNL 3G Data card

Read the Updated article (click here) Those who reside in India BSNL is a well known cellular company, which offers 2G, 3G, Landline service. They provide 3G dongle to access the internet. However, only BSNL sim is supported on the dongle. If you use sim of different company, it will be rejected prompting an error message. […]

How to make my computer faster-2

In my previous post, I wrote about how to fasten up your computer through a system tweaking utility named ‘Autoruns’. If you have not read that, please click here. Now only tweaking and disabling unnecessary programs and services is not sufficient, you have to do more to get all out of your machine. For this […]

How to make my computer faster-1

Is your PC is getting slower gradually! Is it taking longer to boot! If the answer is ‘YES’ then you need to tweak your computer. It can be done by using advanced system tune up software like ‘Tune up Utilities’ and ‘Advanced System Care’. Between the two, the first one is fully paid one, which […]