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How to recover data from corrupted CD/DVDs

Storing files or folders in CD or DVD is most probably a good option of back up. It is very simple too. However over a long period of time the disk might be damaged due to scratch or some thing else. Thus making the data inaccessible. The damaged portions become unreadable. However, there are some […]

How to recover permanently deleted files..

Many of us have met with this kind of situation before. We simply delete a file thinking that is is unnecessary. Later on we empty the Recycle Bin. The real dilemma starts now.The file,we had permanently deleted is required now! It was the most important file and we did  not take a back up of […]

OpenDNS for web filtering & family safety

In my previous posts, I wrote only about smart phones and fitness related topics. However, today I am going to write about a serious issue i.e. internet security. Today when internet became a very necessity of our daily life, its security is that much essential. Many of us shop online, do banking, and share private […]