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Star Topology

In Star Topology the central node/device acts as master node. Each device/node in this set-up have dedicated point to point link to the central node. The other nodes are not connected with each other, that means here each 2 devices are connected with each other with the help of a logical path. Here all the […]

BUS Topology…

BUS/Multidrop Technology: Multipoint connection is used in BUS Topology. All the devices are connected to a single transmission medium, which acts as the Backbone of the connection. This links all the devices in the network. Here each node has its unique address. When a device on BUS Topology wants to send a message to another […]

Networking (Types of Connection, RING TOPOLOGY) Part-2

In my previous post, I wrote about the Networking basic and MODES OF DATA TRANSMISSION. As I told that I would discuss about NETWORK TOPOLOGY, today I will write regarding NETWORK TOPOLOGY. However, before jumping to this topic, let us first look at ‘TYPES OF CONNECTIONS’. Mainly there are two types of connections. 1. Point […]

Networking,Basics Understanding & Functions..Part-1

OpenDNS for web filtering & family safety

In my previous posts, I wrote only about smart phones and fitness related topics. However, today I am going to write about a serious issue i.e. internet security. Today when internet became a very necessity of our daily life, its security is that much essential. Many of us shop online, do banking, and share private […]