Use custom domain in Blogger

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Blogger is a complete open-source blogging platform. That means everything is free on it. Unlike WordPress, there is no VIP service, moreover all VIP services available on WordPress free of cost on Blogger. That’s why many professional bloggers still prefer Blogger to WordPress. So lets com to the topic.

Mapping or setting or using a custom or pre-owned domain in Blogger is free. You can also use custom sub-domains in Blogger.

  • To do this go to your Domain provider’s website and log in to your control panel.

  • Select the domain which you want to use in Blogger.

  • Go to DNS management section in ‘cpanel’ .

  • Go to ‘A records’ section and create 4 ‘A records with the following data.

  • Then go the “CNAME” records and create a new section with the following data.

  • Go the your Blogger dashboard and click on settings. Go to basic-Blog-Address. Click on Add a Custom domain. Again click on ‘Switch to Advanced Setting’. Here enter your full URL. Now you are done. Wait for 1-2 hours to make the changes take effect. If you have any problem then ask me. Ok!

To get detailed article with illustrations click here.


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