How to recover data from corrupted CD/DVDs

Storing files or folders in CD or DVD is most probably a good option of back up. It is very simple too. However over a long period of time the disk might be damaged due to scratch or some thing else. Thus making the data inaccessible. The damaged portions become unreadable.

However, there are some chances that the data might still be recoverable from bad sectors. For this, the easiest method is to use data recovery software named ‘CD RECOVERY TOOL BOX’. This utility is designed specially for data recovery from CDs and DVDs rather than hard disks. You can download it here. Below are the steps, by which you can be able to recover corrupt data from the disk.

Step 1: Download and install ‘CD RECOVERY TOOL BOX’.

Step 2: After launching the application, it first checks for the CD/DVD drives of your PC.

Step 3: Select the appropriate CD/DVD and click ‘Next’.

Step 4: The next screen displays the disk information.

Step 5: Click on the ‘Browse’ button and select the appropriate location for output files. Click on ‘Next’.

STEP 6: In this final step select the check box next to the files, which have to be recovered. Then click on ‘Save’.

The data which you have tick marked will be automatically restored in the destined folder. If you face any problem please leave a comment.

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