Feature rich Mobile

I always think about it. What type of mobile I want? What may  be  its features? The main and most important thing is what  I want! Well let me define my needs. Oh sorry I mean our  needs. What is our budget, it is a big question. Some  want good looking  handsets, some like feature rich sets. I am not a big fan of luxury. I want feature rich, reliable cell,  which can be used at least  for 2 years.  I don’t want to make a big hole in my wallet. Let’s  go to the topic. What a feature rich cell means?

  1. It should have good operating system, like Android/Symbian 60
  2. Capacitive touch screen is must,
  3. QWERTY keypad is also needed,
  4. Should be slider in the structure,
  5. Must have 5.0mp camera,
  6. Can record videos at 1200*1600 pixels,
  7. Should have HD video playback option,
  8. Should have 3G connectivity, GPS/AGPS,
  9. And at last it should be in a reliable price tagging.

So what is reliable price means! Let me explain you  first. It should be  106$-170$ [In Indian Rs5000-8000].  Ok I know it seems impossible  for a manufacturer  to sell this feature rich mobile in just 106$-170$, but if we look into the past we can get a clear idea about it. I am  talking about the year 2003-4. At that  time price of simple colour mobiles were between  170$-210$(Rs. 8000-10000). These  mobiles had no  camera, no GPS, no GPRS and obviously  no 3G.  But now the scenery has changed. We can get simple  colour sets at just 21$ (Rs. 1000/-). We now get simple 3G  sets at just 63$(Rs.3000). So I think why can we not get

Nokia's fancy new slim E-Series candybar. Comp...the above described feature rich  phone in a reliable price tag. Big manufacturers like Nokia,Samsung, LG should pay attention for this.Well this is my point of view,don’t  forget  to leave your valuable comments. Thank you for giving your  valuable time for reading this.


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