Blogger is a complete open-source blogging platform. That means everything is free on it. Unlike WordPress, there is no VIP service, moreover all VIP services available on WordPress free of cost on Blogger. That’s why many professional bloggers still prefer Blogger to WordPress. So lets com to the topic. Mapping or setting or using a […]

Abbreviation means short form of a word. For ex OS means Operating system. There are many abbreviations available and their list is very long. So today let us know about the abbreviations of letter “B”. There are many Computing Abbreviations, I have shortlisted some starting with the letter “B”. Though there are many, I only know this much. […]

There are many Computing Abbreviations, I have shortlisted some starting with the letter “A”. Though there are around 50, read here. Short Form Full Form AAC Advanced Audio Coding ABCL Actor-based Concurrent Language ABI Applied Binary Interface ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode ACD Automatic Call Distributor Read the full article here. There are more than 40 […]

Short Bio: Name: Republic of Gambia An Un-Member?: Yes Capital: Banjul Continent: Africa Area: 11295 Population: 1,7,51,470  (Approx) Religion: Muslim-90%, Christian-8%, Others-2% Literacy: 43%(Approx) Language: English, Mandinka, Wolof ……Read more (Read more to know about Average life, History, Date of independence…) Related articles Gambia to introduce the sharia, the most brutal and extreme ideology […]

Short Bio:    Countries of The World: Sri Lanka Name: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Capital: Colombo Continent: Asia An UN-Member?: Yes Area: 65,610 Population: 20,415,000(Approx) …………………………. Read more to know about the Religion, literacy rate, date of independence, history etc here. Related articles Sri Lanka v India, 2nd ODI, Hambantota Perera, Mathews […]

Name: Islamic State of Afghanistan Capital: Kabul Continent: Asia An UN-Member?: Yes Area: 647,497 ………………………………………. Read the full article to know more about its Religion, Literacy rate, Date of Independence, President, P.M etc here. Related articles More State Department Fun in Afghanistan ( American engineer shot dead in northern Afghanistan ( Aid with strings […]

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